Standards Information Resources

Standards are consensus of doing things, specifications for products, services, processes, test methods or materials. They can be as simple as sets of guidelines, code of practices (COPs) and ways of delivering services. This webpage contains standards related information for public reference.

Technical Enquiry Service

The Quality Services Division offers free technical enquiry service on product standards and safety requirements. This service aims to assist public to be aware of product standards and safety requirements, and to assist them in identifying applicable standards and safety requirements, especially toys and children's products and consumer goods, on best effort basis. If the enquiries involve other areas or in-depth technical expertise, they would be referred to the relevant bodies or regulatory authorities for replies.

General Standards Information

Where to look for Standards Updates

To keep track of standards updates, you can make subscriptions to the newsletters subscription services offered by major standards bodies and publishers:




NSB List

Where can I find Standards for On-line Reading

There are various legitimate resources for reading standards on-line. Some standards are available for public access in support of standardisation, i.e. development of standards. Others are made available because of their inclusion in technical regulations. Please familiar yourself with the terms & conditions and copyrights for proper use of standards.


In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, standard bodies and publishers have made available free access of standards, working guidelines, and relevant information on public health, safety, and infrastructure to support the fight against the pandemic crisis:

World Standards Day

World Standards Day is on 14 October each year. ISO, IEC and ITU members come together to celebrate with special meaning of paying tribute to the collaborative efforts of experts worldwide who help develop the voluntary technical agreements that are published as International Standards. The event takes off under different theme every year. Click to learn more.

Learning about Standards

Standards benefits everyone. Here are some Information about teaching of standards:


Standards Information of Conformity Assessment