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(i) Please note that the “list of DLRIs” below is subject to update from time to time.
(ii) The Instruments of Designation issued by ITC are solely for designating local institutions as DLRIs only and in no way constitute any provision of advice or suggestion on undertaking any R&D activities through any DLRI. The designation of a DLRI does not imply that any products, services, operation, business or financial condition of the DLRI or the DLRI itself are in any way accredited, certified, approved, endorsed, supported, guaranteed or recommended by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("the Government") and the ITC. The Government and the ITC expressly disclaim any liability, representation, warranty, connection or involvement (a) in relation to any contractual matters or commercial dealings or business operation or R&D activities of any DLRI and (b) for any loss and damages arising from or related to the designation of DLRIs.

List of DLRIs

(Version: 19 February 2019)