Accreditation Services

China Compulsory Certification (CCC) System

Requirements and procedure for qualifying Hong Kong testing laboratories for testing under the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) System pursuant to the Agreement signed on 21 November 2019 to amend the Agreement on Trade in Services (the Amendment Agreement)


Scope of products

All products listed in the directory of CCC products:

  1. Electric cables and wiring
  2. Electrical switches, protective devices and connection devices
  3. Low voltage electrical equipment
  4. Small power motors
  5. Electric tools
  6. Electric welding machines
  7. Household and similar electrical appliances
  8. Electronic product and safety accessory
  9. Lighting apparatus
  10. Motor vehicles and safety accessories
  11. Agricultural machinery
  12. Fire service equipment
  13. Security system products
  14. Construction materials
  15. Children’s products
  16. Explosion-proof electrical products
  17. Household gas appliances

Remark: The above directory may be updated from time to time by State Administration of Market Regulation. Testing laboratory shall refer to CCC portal in the website of Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA) for the latest directory of products that require CCC.


Place of origin

The scope of testing of CCC products that can be undertaken by Hong Kong testing organisations will be expanded from products processed or manufactured in the Mainland or processed in Hong Kong to products processed or manufactured in any place (including places outside China), with effect from 1 June 2020


Requirements and procedure for qualifying Hong Kong Testing Laboratories

Hong Kong testing laboratories shall apply to Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) for accreditation under Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme to demonstrate their conformity with the competence requirements given in the Implementation Guide for Amendment Agreement as published by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA), including:

  1. Accreditation requirements as specified in HOKLAS SC-45
  2. Relevant requirements in Article 10 of the Measures for the Administration of Certification Bodies and Laboratories under the China Compulsory Certification System
  3. All prevailing CCC Implementation Rules as published by CNCA
  4. Relevant Guidance on the Application of Accreditation Criteria of the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment

HKAS will conduct on-site assessment to confirm an applicant laboratory's conformity with accreditation requirements

HKAS will issue a notification letter to accredit a laboratory for testing to CCC requirements

HKAS will conduct an on-site surveillance visit or reassessment in each year to the laboratory to confirm its continuing conformity with the accreditation requirements

If an accredited laboratory is found not conforming with the accreditation requirements, HKAS will suspend the laboratory's accreditation and notify CNCA of such decision


Procedure for cooperation between CCC designated certification bodies and accredited Hong Kong Testing Laboratories

  • The accredited laboratory may propose its intention of collaboration with a CCC designated certification body.
  • The CCC designated certification body has the autonomy to arrange for discussion with the accredited laboratory based on the principle of consistency and validity of test results.
  • After concluding the cooperation agreement, the CCC designated certification body shall submit the draft collaboration agreement to CNCA for approval. The certification body and the accredited laboratory shall not sign the agreement until approval is obtained from CNCA.
  • The certification body shall submit the signed agreement to CNCA for record.
  • CNCA will publish a directory of Hong Kong laboratories in collaboration with CCC designated certification bodies in its official website and then notify relevant Mainland market regulation authorities.
  • Upon receiving notification from HKAS that a Hong Kong laboratory has no longer fulfilled the relevant requirements, CNCA will inform the concerned designated CCC certification body. The designated CCC certification body shall review its collaboration with the concerned laboratory and report the result to CNCA. CNCA will announce the revised directory of testing organisations in its website and then notify relevant Mainland market regulation authorities.
  • If it is found by a Mainland market regulation authority that a Hong Kong laboratory undertaking CCC testing activities has breached any laws and regulations on certification and accreditation, or implementation rules of the certification scheme, CNCA should be notified. CNCA will then notify HKAS.



HKAS has accepted application for accreditation of CCC tests. For enquiry, please contact:

Name Tel Email
Mr Leung Chi Chiu, Nick (852) 2829 4846
Dr Ho Chun Wah (852) 2829 4808