Accreditation Services

ENERGY STAR® Program Laboratory Accreditation

HKAS has been recognised as an Accreditation Body for the ENERGY STAR program. Laboratories seeking recognition by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) to test products for the ENERGY STAR® program may apply to HKAS for accreditation. After the laboratory has received the HKAS accreditation for the test methods required by the relevant ENERGY STAR product specification, it may apply directly to US EPA for the recognition.

Currently, HKAS accreditation service is available for electrical and electronic products under the program.


Accreditation Criteria

Laboratories seeking accreditation by HKAS for the purpose of participating in the ENERGY STAR® program for these products are required to comply with HKAS 002, the relevant HKAS supplementary criteria, HOKLAS 003, HOKLAS Supplementary Criteria No. 46 - Accreditation Criteria Specific for HOKLAS - ENERGY STAR Program Laboratory for testing Electrical and Electronic Products, and all applicable HOKLAS supplementary criteria.



Details of the accreditation processes are given here.

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